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Keeping your email inbox tidy is essential, but Trimbox might not be the perfect solution for everyone. If you're looking for the best alternative to help you manage email subscriptions and reduce clutter, InboxPurge offers a better and cost-effective solution that can meet your needs.

This Chrome extension makes email management easy, allowing you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and efficiently organize your inbox with exciting side bar and super unsubscribe features. InboxPurge helps you keep a tidy inbox, whether it’s cluttered or just needs streamlining.

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Key Features of InboxPurge

InboxPurge is packed with features that make it the best alternative to Trimbox. With one-click unsubscribe, you can quickly remove yourself from unwanted mailing lists.

InboxPurge features a tool that displays all your subscriptions sorted by the number of emails sent. You can easily select the unwanted emails on the InboxPurge sidebar, and InboxPurge will automatically unsubscribe you from those mailing lists or delete the emails, saving you significant time and effort.

Sidebar Feature

Super Unsubscribe Feature

This feature allows you to select all unwanted emails by clicking the checkbox next to them in Gmail and click the "Super Unsubscribe" button (Purple icon) just below the search box. InboxPurge will then automatically unsubscribe from those emails using the unsubscribe links in those emails to save you time and effort. You can optionally delete these emails as well.

Super Deletion Feature

With this feature, you can also select the unwanted emails by clicking the checkbox next to them in Gmail and click the "Super Delete" button (red icon) just below the search box. InboxPurge will automatically delete all emails ever sent by those senders, saving you lots of time and effort. However, this will not unsubscribe or block the sender.

Super Unsubscribe/Deletion Feature

Comparing Trimbox and InboxPurge

To help you understand why InboxPurge is the best alternative to Trimbox, here’s a comparison of their key features and benefits :

One-click UnsubscribeYesYes
PricingFree trial (only 10 unsubscribes) and Premium planFreemium (20 unsubscribes per month) and Pro plan for unlimited access
Privacy PolicyNever sells any dataNever sells any data
Inbox DigestNoYes, consolidates newsletters
Quick Clean FiltersNoYes
Undo Blocked SubscriptionsNoYes
View Subscriptions at a GlanceNoYes

InboxPurge includes quick clean filters that help you sort your emails into catergories like old junk, large files and subscriptions thus managing emails more efficiently.

Quick Clean Filter

Although both Trimbox and InboxPurge offer essential email management tools, InboxPurge is a more versatile choice. It is especially suited for users seeking comprehensive inbox organization and efficient subscription management.

trimbox website page

Conclusion: Why InboxPurge is the Best Choice

When it comes to finding the best alternative to Trimbox, InboxPurge stands out due to its simplicity, superior features and cost-effectiveness. For a straightforward, budget-friendly solution, InboxPurge is the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about InboxPurge

1. What is InboxPurge?

InboxPurge is a Chrome extension for Gmail that helps you manage your emails by providing powerful filtering and one-click unsubscribe features.

2. How do I start using InboxPurge?

To start using InboxPurge, add the extension to your browser and link it to your Gmail account. Once signed in, You can easily select the unwanted subscriptions on the InboxPurge sidebar, then click the unsubscribe or delete button to clean up you Gmail.

3. Is InboxPurge free?

InboxPurge offers both free and premium versions. The free version includes 20 free unsubscribes/deletion every month, while the premium version provides additional tools for advanced email management.

4. How does InboxPurge protect my privacy?

InboxPurge is designed with privacy in mind. It does not track your email activity or store your data, ensuring your information remains secure.

5. Can I use InboxPurge on my phone?

InboxPurge is a Chrome extension and works best on desktop browsers.

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